HOW TO HELP AN AUTHOR...(Even if you're not on the ARC team!)
What do ARC team members have to do?

Read my books - often before they're even available to purchase, leave honest reviews, share new releases with friends and family - anything you can do to help spread the word about the books you love!  

  • LEAVE A REVIEW - The best way to help an author is to leave an honest review wherever you can about the book.  It helps other readers find it and decide if they would like to read it.

  • FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Following your favorite author on as many places as you can helps them to reach you and lets other potential readers find them.

  • SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Share a post, picture or anything the author has posted to let others know about a new release, sale or to just let your friends and family know about the great author you love!​  FOR EXAMPLE...

​       *Share new release posts on Facebook​

​      *Take a picture of yourself reading the book and post to Instagram

       *Pin the books to Pinterest

      *Share about a special deal on your Facebook profile

       *Change your profile picture to your favorite book

  • COMMENT ON A BLOG POST - Show your love by commenting and sharing the post with others.

Anything you feel comfortable doing and want to do to help is ALWAYS appreciated :) ​


*love to read sweet romance?

*always try to leave a review?

*enjoy getting first chances to read a book?

*like winning cool stuff?


(And don't forget to follow on your favorite social media sites!)