Bethany Ever After 

Bethany Ever After is a sweet contemporary romance series filled with fairy-tale elements.  You will be taken to the fictional town of Bethany, Oregon that you might have already visited during the original Oregon Sky Series.

These characters are the descendants of the Wallace and Caine families who settled the community all those years ago...and who are still living on the land that has been handed down through the generations.

*You don't need to have read the historical Oregon Sky Series to enjoy these books since these are all new characters - however, if you'd like to read the books that started it all, you can find them all listed by clicking here...  OREGON SKY SERIES

Enchanted - Book 1


She's already lost too much, and is not about to let those she cares about get hurt because of her.  He's never understood why people would put family before money, but he's about to learn that sometimes you can't put a price on love...

Abi Caine is no princess.  She'd rather be mucking out the stalls on her family's ranch or heading off to save another stray animal for her rescue.  To her, there is nothing more important than family.  Even though she was forced to deal with the harsh realities of losing her mother, and then her father years later, she still relies on the strength of her extended Caine and Wallace family.

And when that family's ranch is threatened, she is willing to do whatever it takes to stop her step-mother from destroying something that has belonged to them for over a hundred years.

Carson Scott is no Prince Charming.  His father taught him the importance of money and good investments...and that didn't include time for family or anything else.  And while from the outside, it may seem as if he has it all, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

He arrives in Bethany determined to make an investment that will pay off with big dividends.  But, is he at risk of losing more than his money if things don't go according to plan?

You'll find a touch of Cinderella in this love story that will take you to the fictional community of Bethany, Oregon.  Enjoy the feeling of belonging in a small town where family and friends will always stick together.

Released - Book 2


Charmed - Book 3



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