Mail Order Mounties is a multi-author series set in Canada during the early 1900s.  Join authors Kirsten Osbourne, Kay P. Dawson, Cassie Hayes and Amelia Adams as they bring you fictional stories about members of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, and the mail order brides who love them.

Canadian Mounties need love too! After finding a wonderful bride for her Mountie son, Miss Hazel has found her calling: Mountie Matchmaker! The women who come to her learn all the skills a good wife needs, and then set off for the wilds of Canada. Follow the adventures of these mail order brides, hoping for love, and determined to serve their husbands—brave Mounties keeping Canada safe.


What does a wealthy, pampered woman from the city have in common with a simple Mountie on the frontier?

Nothing—and that’s exactly why Miss Hazel Hughes decides they need each other.

Rose Lambert has grown up in the wealthy society of Ottawa, but longs for a life where people will respect her for who she is, and not what her family’s status can give them.  After her fiancé leaves her reputation in tatters, she knows she needs to get away somewhere for a fresh start—somewhere where she will have say a in her own life.

Elijah Thorpe didn’t think he needed a wife, believing it wouldn’t be fair for a woman to marry a Mountie, only to be left a widow if something happened.  But when Miss Hazel Hughes decides a man should be married, he soon finds out that she will get her way.  Before he knows it, he has a woman on her way out to to British Columbia to become his bride.

When they meet, he soon realizes the woman he’s been bound to isn’t quite what he’d expected.  

What will happen when two strangers are brought together, unsure of their decision to marry?  And when the past catches up and threatens to destroy the shaky foundation they’ve started to build, can their love withstand the forces trying to keep them apart?

Bride for Elijah
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Bride for Preston
$2.99 US

Two Wounded Hearts, One Last Chance at Love

Maryanne has spent years caring for her sister while the guilt of her accident weighs heavy on her shoulders.  When her sister dies, she isn’t sure where she fits in anymore.  No one has room for a plain, ordinary spinster with nothing to offer.  When Miss Hazel tells her she’s found a Mountie in the Yukon Territory who she believes would be perfect for her, Maryanne figures she’s got nothing else to lose.

Preston won’t let himself fall in love with another woman who can break his heart when she finds out the truth about him.  But when his commanding officer mentions that he should marry in order to make the local Indian tribes accept him, he decides he may as well take a wife.  

When Maryanne arrives, Preston soon finds himself wondering if he could trust her with the secrets from his past.  As they grow to care for each other, he realizes Maryanne has much more to offer than he’d originally believed.

Can two wounded hearts find a way to trust that they are worthy of each other?  And what will happen when the past shows up on their doorstep, threatening to ruin the foundation they’ve started to build?

Bride for Nathaniel
$2.99 US

Growing up an orphan, Claire Anderson had very few people to love. If she found one, she would sacrifice anything to help them. Which is exactly how she found herself out of a job and on the street. With her only friend in the world somewhere out west, married to a Mountie, Claire seeks out the only woman in Ottawa who might be able to help her — Miss Hazel Hughes.

Nathaniel Clarke is passionate about his job as a Mountie in Cougar Springs, Alberta, but he’s a little lost when it comes to women. All he knows is that he has no interest in the wealthy, spoiled ladies who frequent the town’s famous hot springs, so he agrees to be matched with a bride from back east. 

From the moment Claire steps off the train, she and Nathaniel begin building a life together, learning to trust and care for each other as they go. When an dangerous man from Nathaniel’s past arrives in town, is as determined to keep Claire safe.

The problem is, she’s just as determined to see the man brought to justice.

Is there ever a good reason to break someone’s trust—even if it is being done for love?

Bride for Malcolm
$2.99 US

Learning to live with what fate has dealt her, Annie has accepted that she’ll never be as beautiful as her sister.  After her father is arrested, she realizes her entire life has been a lie.  She needs to start over somewhere far away, so her friend sends her to see Miss Hazel in Ottawa.

Miss Hazel has four Mounties coming for brides before they make the trek into a remote Ontario community.  And she thinks she has the perfect match for Annie, one who will be able to see her beauty inside.

Malcolm really doesn’t think he needs a wife, but when he sees Annie, something inside him changes.  

What happens when the daughter of a criminal marries a Mountie intent on upholding the law?  Can she trust him not to send her away if she tells him the truth about her life?

Bride for Andrew
$2.99 US

No longer wanting to be a burden on her brother, Ida agrees to let Miss Hazel match her with a Mountie looking for a wife. She knows her daughter needs a father to help raise her, but she has no intentions of letting her heart get involved. She did that once and doesn't intend to ever let it happen again. It's a practical decision—nothing more.

Andrew never even realized what was missing in his life until he meets Ida and her daughter Lily. The little girl ends up stealing his heart, and he vows to protect her with his life. However, her mother is proving to be a bit more difficult to come around. 

Will Ida be able to let go of the pain she endured in the past and trust Andrew with her heart?

Bride for Aaron
$2.99 US

Elizabeth Duval lived the life most women would dream of - until she made the mistake of falling for a stable hand on her parent's estate. After he runs off, leaving her to deal with the whispers and gossip of Ottawa society where appearances are all that matters, she is ready for a new start. And Miss Hazel knows just the place for her to start over.

Aaron Fuller didn't really believe he needed a wife. As a Mountie stationed on beautiful Prince Edward Island, he was finally able to feel like he was doing something good with his life. When the other Mounties send for wives, his commander sends a letter for him too. Even though he isn't thrilled about the prospect, he will honor the commitment out of respect for the man he looks up to.

What neither of them expected was the surprise that would be waiting for them when Elizabeth stepped off the ferry in Charlottetown. 

Can they overcome the lies and mistrust to make their marriage work? Or, is it too late for them to have the future they hoped for?

Bride for Liam
$2.99 US
RNWMP Liam.jpg

After being left at the altar, Adele does the unthinkable and heads to the Northwest Territories to marry a Mountie. When she arrives, she soon learns that things are different than the life of luxury she grew up with—but she's determined to prove herself capable of surviving in the primitive world she finds herself in. 

Liam has never had much luck with women, so he figures having a bride sent to him will save him the agony of having to court a woman and sweep her off her feet. To his surprise, his new bride promptly informs him that even though they're already married, she still expects to be wooed. 

How is he supposed to know how to sweep a woman off her feet when he's more apt to step all over them? Can these two strangers find a way to believe that what they have to offer is more than enough to make each other happy?


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