Book 1 - Memories of Home

First she lost him. Then she lost herself...

Ellie Hawkins had the perfect life… Until a brush with death stole it all away--including her memories of everything that came before. Desperate to find herself again, she checks herself into Anchorage's Memory Ranch.

At first she finds the healing resort restful, but then the nightmares start. And they all end with him walking out of her life, never to return. She wishes she could remember his name and why he left, but the only thing she knows for sure is how her heart reacts to the whispers of his memory.

Finding him is the key to recovery, but she doesn't know where to look or if he'd even be willing to talk to her again. Because when she begins to remember who she was, she finds she doesn't like that person very much. Is it too late for Ellie to make a change, or was the accident that nearly killed her a true blessing in disguise? Will she find her mystery man, and might he give her a second chance to reclaim what they lost?

Find out in this moving tale filled with faith, horses, and the unyielding power of love. Get your copy today!

Book 2 - Memories of Healing


To face her future, she’ll need to forget her past.

Most go to Memory Ranch because they can’t remember. Brenna Berry goes because she can’t forget. When her abusive father dies, she seizes her opportunity to flee to Anchorage in hopes that the majestic horses and caring staff at the ranch can help her overcome a past filled with abuse and neglect. 

But as Brenna starts her new life, complete with a new identity, she finds she can’t outrun her pain. Not even with the help of a charming local named Matt, who's faced his own demons and won. He wants to help Brenna conquer hers as well, but opening up to friendship--and possibly love--is the scariest thing she's had to face yet.

Will Brenna find the strength to move forward and forgive those in her past who turned a blind eye to her helplessness? And when at last she strips all the hurt away, will there be any part of her left?

Find out in this moving tale filled with faith, horses, and the unyielding power of love. Pre-order your copy today!

Book 3 - Memories of Heaven


Kate Griffin can’t believe she’s losing her mother. For as long as she can remember, it’s been the two of them against the world. That is, until early-onset Alzheimer’s robbed them both of the relationship that had always been so special.

Now she’s working as a ranch hand in Anchorage while her mother undergoes treatment at the much acclaimed Memory Ranch. Kate came to keep an eye on her mom, but is left to wonder if she’s the one who really needs to heal. Especially as a certain handsome therapist named Jack keeps finding more and more reasons for them to spend time together.

What will be left of Kate when her mother leaves her behind? And can she justify spending time with Jack when she knows her mom’s time left on earth is limited?


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