Morgan Dawson

Morgan Dawson, daughter of Kay P. Dawson, published her first book - The Wagon - when she was just 13 years old.

She has since written and published the next two books in her series, all before the age of fifteen.

All of her books have been professionally edited and formatted, however the story and writing style has all been kept in her own "voice", without taking anything away from her own writing.

You will be amazed to see the storylines and themes this teenage girl has brought into her books.

The Wagon - Book 1
$2.99 US

After tragedy strikes her family, 18-year old Darlene is left caring for her four younger sisters, facing hardships and struggles that threaten to take everything away from her.


After discovering that she has only a few weeks to get the crop off the field to save the family farm, she has to make decisions that will affect them all.

With help from a man she meets along the way, she works to do whatever she can to save her family. She learns to trust, and she finds a strength she never knew she had.

Could she possibly find love during the most difficult time of her life? And, can she save her family from losing everything they have fought so hard to get?

The Barn - Book 2
$2.99 US

Can she find forgiveness in her heart?

Still holding onto her anger for past hurts, Adeline struggles after her older sister moves away, leaving her in charge of her younger sisters.

Adeline must find a way to care for her family, while following her own dreams, but what will be the cost? Will her heart be able to forgive her pa, like she so desperately wants, or will it be too late?

Follow Adeline’s story as she finds her true heart’s calling, thanks to a man who has always believed in her.

The Daisy - Book 3
$2.99 US

Genevieve is now the oldest sister left at home, caring for her family.  However, when her father remarries, bringing a new woman and her children into the home, her life is turned upside down.  As she struggles to accept the role her stepmother has taken in the family, she comes face to face with someone from long ago she never thought to see again.

Joel has made mistakes in his life and wants to make things right.  After being left to care for his younger siblings when he was still a young man himself, he made some decisions he regrets.  When he tries to repay his debt to Genevieve, he realizes he might never be able to get forgiveness from everyone.

What will happen when secrets from the past come to light threatening to tear families and friendships apart?

The Letter - Book 4
$2.99 US

Sometimes you have to take a risk to find yourself.

After receiving a letter from her deceased mother, Lydia heads out on her own to the city of Northwood to learn more about the place her mother grew up. Knowing her daughter was shy and reserved, and less likely to take chances and try something new, her mother had left her with tasks that would give her the adventure she deserved.

As she follows the tasks set out in the letter, Lydia meets Oliver, a blacksmith who is living with secrets and shame that he tries to hide.

Along the way, Lydia will find herself while finding a love that gives her everything her mother had always dreamed for her.

The Bakery - Book 5
$2.99 US

After witnessing the death of her friend, Hazel is left with pain that threatens to consume her. She goes to Northwood to be with her sister while she heals. When she arrives, she finds work in a bakery in hopes of keeping her mind off the memories that won't leave her alone. 

While she works through the feelings of guilt and anguish that have taken over her life, Hazel finds friendship with the bakery owner's grandson, who is dealing with burdens of his own.

Is it possible for Hazel to let herself love, even when she doesn't feel she deserves the chance to be happy?


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