A Grateful Heart & A New Release

March 21, 2018


I am sitting here today thinking about how blessed I am to do something I love, and to have so many people who have supported me and helped me along the way :)  Every day when I log onto my computer, I witness the love of fans who have given me a chance when they didn't know who I was, and who are now my biggest supporters.  I get to see the other authors in my genres who have helped me, motivated and guided me along the way.


(I'm really trying not to be too sappy...but sometimes, that's just how I am :)


My Plans for the Year...


This year has some big and exciting things coming for me - a new series of my own and a couple other series I will be doing with some amazing authors.  (I'm sorry...still can't tell you anything about these, except that they are going to be GREAT!)  Of course, I'm also going to be continuing with my Mountie books too - we still have a few provinces to visit with that series!


The new contemporary series I'm launching on my own will take you to Bethany - the little town that was settled by the Wallace family in my historical Oregon Sky Series.  Now, we will see how the town has grown and we will follow the lives of the descendants of the characters we have fallen in love with in the original books.  (Obviously, you won't need to have read the original series to enjoy this one!)


I'm excited for this series...because it also has some fairy tale elements to it.  I've always been such a sucker for the romance of these classic fairy tales, so I've wanted to do something with a touch of that magic in it.


Dreams Come True?


All my life, I've wanted to be an author - and thanks to all of you, that dream has already come true.  It still amazes me that I get to do something I love and actually be paid to do it!


And, I have the dreams that all authors have...to have one of my books be "discovered", turned into a movie and becoming a household name.  But the truth is, that's not usually something that happens for most of us indie authors.  I'm OK with that - because as long as I'm doing what I love and still able to pay my bills, that's more than I need :) 


But - I do have to confess that I also have the dream of being able to put the title of USA Today Bestselling Author beside my name.  And, even NYTimes Bestselling author some day would be cool too...it's hard to do though, especially as an indie author. And it can be even more difficult when you're going up against the big box sets of authors who pool their money together with the sole purpose of making the list.


So...as crazy as it might be, that's going to be something I'm working at accomplishing this year.  (The fact that I'm also going to be moving in the next few weeks and have my life in complete turmoil makes this goal even crazier :))


It won't be easy, because I don't have the huge marketing budgets that the big publishers do, or the manpower and money that the groups of 10 or more authors working together do.


But - when I was thinking about whether it was even something I should try to do, I sat and thought about the people I already have in my corner.  I have some amazing fans who will support my crazy dreams, and I know there are author friends who will be in my corner as well.  I might not make a list, but I'm pretty confident that I'll have all the support I could ask for.

Can You Help Me?


Now that I've told you my plans...do you think you can help me with this goal for 2018?  It's scary putting something so hard to do out in the open like this - what if I don't make it?  Everyone will know!


But, I also believe that to get something you really want, you have to put it out there for everyone to see.  Because that's the only way you'll ever get the help to do it!


I know that a lot of my readers prefer KU books and many will only borrow the books through the Amazon program.  And I completely understand that - with the costs of everything these days and being on a fixed income, it's hard to keep up with a hobby like reading :) 


However, in order to make any kind of list, you need to sell books on more than one retailer in the US.  So for now, some of my books will be available on all retailers, which means Amazon won't allow me to enroll them in Kindle Unlimited.


(My Mountie books and some of my other books will still be using KU - so there will always be something available for everyone, I hope!)


A Favor...


All you have to do is what you've already been doing :) Your support has been so important to me - whether you've bought one of my books, shared a new release with your friends or you've written me an email to tell me you loved one of my stories!  It all helps more than you could know.


If you'd like to help, I'm going to ask you to start with this new book I am announcing today.  It's available on preorder - and I'm hoping to at least build up some excitement for this series.  Then, maybe over the course of the next few months, one of the books I release...well, you just never know what might happen :) 


I'm going to put together some fun giveaways, contests and who knows what else - so hopefully you all won't get sick of hearing about it!  I believe this series is going to be great...and I can't wait for you all to get the chance to read the first book!


(I had originally planned to try making the list with this book - but with me now moving and most likely being homeless for a few weeks while it is being released, it just isn't going to happen I'm afraid.  I can't put the attention into it that it would need.)  

Without further ado...here is the information and the link to buy my new book that will launch my Bethany Ever After Series:






She's already lost too much, and is not about to let those she cares about get hurt because of her. He's never understood why people would put family before money, but he's about to learn that sometimes you can't put a price on love...


Abi Caine is no princess. She'd rather be mucking out the stalls on her family's ranch or heading off to save another stray animal for her rescue. To her, there is nothing more important than family.


Even though she was forced to deal with the harsh realities of losing her mother, and then her father years later, she still relies on the strength of her extended Caine and Wallace family.  And when that family's ranch is threatened, she is willing to do whatever it takes to stop her step-mother from destroying something that has belonged to them for over a hundred years.


Carson Scott is no Prince Charming. His father taught him the importance of money and good investments...and that didn't include time for family or anything else. And while from the outside, it may seem as if he has it all, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He arrives in Bethany determined to make an investment that will pay off with big dividends.


But, is he at risk of losing more than his money if things don't go according to plan?


You'll find a touch of Cinderella in this love story that will take you to the fictional community of Bethany, Oregon. Enjoy the feeling of belonging in a small town where family and friends will always stick together.












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