Timeless Hearts Series

The Timeless Hearts Series is a multi-author sweet, western time travel series featuring authors Sandra E. Sinclair, Anna Rose Leigh, Peggy L. Henderson, Justine Amor and Kay P. Dawson.

The series takes place in Heartsbridge, TX in both present time and the 1880's, with women from both time periods working together to find the people meant for each other...even if it's across time.

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*Each book is a standalone book, however it is recommended you read the Free Prequel which sets up the time travel aspect of the series.

Timeless Hearts - Prequel

Self-proclaimed matchmaker Moira has always had the gift of knowing when two people are meant to be together.  One night, while driving home in Heartsbridge, Texas, she comes across an old diner that calls to her. What she finds inside will change her life forever.

Together with a woman from the past, Moira discovers how truly powerful her gift is. Hearts who have been born to the wrong time will now have the chance to find each other.

Time travel is not without rules and conditions. Moira and her ancestor from the past will learn along the way that helping people find each other across the span of time comes with its own unique challenges. 

Can they convince the people they are destined to help that sometimes you just have to trust your heart to find the way?


Short story to set up the Timeless Hearts Series. 

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Timeless Spirit
$2.99 US

Book 2 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

Noah Langley has always taken responsibility. For his sister, for his work, for anyone in need. Helping others has brought him to many places, but what he longs for is somewhere to call home. 

When tragedy strikes, Elizabeth Noland must fight to keep her family's farm. With time as her enemy, she must rely on the unusual stranger who seems eager to step in.

Brought together through the most unlikely events, Noah and Elizabeth discover that despite their differences, love is able to overcome any span of time. When a costly decision is made, are they willing to risk everything to gain the whole world?

Timeless Captive
$2.99 US

Book 6 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Series

Charlie Langley needs to escape her past, and a relationship that has tried to damage her spirit. She goes looking for her brother, only to find herself in a time far away from what she knows. Somehow, she has ended up in 1880, and she’s not happy about it.

Gabe Noland spent his life believing he wasn’t ever going to amount to anything. Leaving Heartsbridge after having lies spread to ruin his name, he vows never to return. When an opportunity arises to extract revenge on the man who ruined his life, he seizes it. If the people of Heartsbridge believe he’s a thief and a liar, it might be time to prove them right.

Charlie is about to become the unwitting pawn in Gabe’s plans.

What will happen when they both realize mistakes have been made, but sometimes it’s too late to repair the damage that’s been done? Can their hearts find a way past what the outside world believes to be true?

Timeless Devotion
$2.99 US

Book 10 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

Would you move heaven and earth to be with the one you love?

Clara came West as a mail-order bride - only to find the man she as supposed to marry was on his way to jail. Going back to Boston isn’t an option, so now she needs to figure out what she can do to survive on her own. There aren’t many opportunities for a woman alone in the late 1800’s in the small town of Heartsbridge, TX. A chance meeting with the woman from the boardinghouse sends her somewhere she would never have believed…

Grady Langley has a dream to rebuild the old farmhouse on his family’s ranch into a bed-and-breakfast - one that will honor his ancestors and take people back to a simpler time. But, he needs to find someone who can live like the pioneers and even cook on a wood stove for the guests. He can’t believe his luck when the new waitress at Moira’s Diner says she can help.

Clara has to learn to adjust to life in a time that is a far cry from the world she left behind. Can Grady help her find what her heart came here to find?

Fate brings them together, but what will happen when lies and misunderstandings threaten to destroy the love they have found? Can Clara learn to fit in, even if she doesn’t feel she could ever belong in a world so different from her own?

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